Adult Programs

Adult In-Home Private Training

This program is for dogs 1.5 years and older. It consists of two 1-3 hour in home private lessons, and includes an evaluation for our free socialization class and access to our $5 group pack walk training classes for the rest of the dogs life. During the 1-3 hours we cover everything you need to know to be a good leader and spend more time teaching you to be a good leader. This includes but isn't limited to walking calmly on leash, greeting people and other dogs calmly, being polite and quiet, and respecting any and all boundaries which can include staying in a bed, not jumping on people, and even staying out of areas in the home or yard. 

Advanced Stay and Train

This program is ideal for dogs who have more severe issues, or issues that have been present for a longer period of time, and may need more one on one time with a trainer. It starts with four days, staying with us, so we can completely immerse them into the program and condition them to the new rules. At the end of the four days we will do two lessons (usually 1-2 weeks apart) that are between 1-3 hours long, to teach the owners how to continue what we have taught them and get them onto a good schedule at home. 

This program covers leash skills, boundaries such as staying on a bed, not jumping on people, and respecting door ways. We also cover social skills with both people and animals, as well as any other specific issues that need to be addressed.

The goal is to give the dog an idea of what is expected of them, so when they go home it is easier while the owner is learning. We want to give owners the skills they need to be able to address any and all stations when on their own after training. 

Expert Stay and Train

Dogs of all ages and is two- four straight weeks of training. This program is done using an electronic collar that comes with the training. The focus is off leash reliability. The dog will learn to default to calm as well as commands like sit, down, stay, place, come, etc. During the program the dog will practice heavy amounts of socialization and exploring such as hiking.