Puppy Programs

In-Home Basic Puppy Training

This program is for dogs 8 months and younger. It consists of two 1-3 hour in home private lessons, and includes access to our free socialization class and our $5 group pack walk training classes for the rest of the dogs life. During the 1-3 hours we cover everything you need to know to be a good leader and spend more time teaching you to be a good leader. This includes but isn't limited to walking calmly on leash, greeting people and other dogs calmly, being polite and quiet, and respecting any and all boundaries which can include staying in a bed, not jumping on people, and even staying out of areas in the home or yard. 

Potty Training

Though this is typically aimed for puppies, it is an all ages program that focuses on potty training and gets the dog on a good schedule and ideally holding it through the night and several hours at a time during the day. The dog will stay here for 7 consecutive nights while they are potty trained. This program also includes everything that comes with the Basic in home programs, as well as extracurricular activities.